Passionate about student learning and progress.

Teachers are the most significant school-based inputs into student learning, and for that reason they have the greatest impact.

Schools still struggle to find the proper teacher for with the high absence rates. Students lose a lot of time waiting for their classes.

Learning should be simpler and it could be simpler.

Abjad is a new app-based solution that gives schools a direct connection to quality supply teachers who are looking for work. The app also helps schools to quickly identify and choose the right candidate for their available roles.

Just a few steps of connection. As we ensure quality and consistency, our technology matches the best staff to your vacancies through an intelligent friendly system.

Abjad provides a more straightforward and reasonable way of filling teaching vacancies, it supports supply teachers with easier access to work and helps schools access high quality teachers.

Abjad is a platform that connects supply teachers with local schools

Abjad involves

Simple sign-up process

Guided onboarding and quick safeguarding checks.

Sign up for subjects and roles to what is most relevant to you.

Design improvements for a more enjoyable experience.

A faster service to help you access bookings quickly.

For teachers

How to get your first job?

Automatic matching

You only see the jobs that suit your profile and interests. Get the best match by selecting your favourite schools, geographical area, subjects and much more.

Be in control

You choose when and where you want to work. Select the assignments that suit you and Abjad will take care of everything else.

Well informed

Abjad will provide everything you need to know about your assignment. Contact details, expected pay, school profile and other important information.You only see the jobs that suit your profile and interests. Get the best match by selecting your favourite schools, geographical area, subjects and much more.

Easy to use

Abjad will make your job as enjoyable and meaningful as possible, while taking care of the time-consuming admin.


Abjad will allow you to be in full control of your bookings and choices through an easy process. Not only do you have access to excellent teaching jobs, but you can also have access to professional development.

For schools

Expertise Teachers

Detailed outline

The Abjad app provides everything you need to know about the teachers who are a match for your vacancy. It provides employment profile, previous experience and qualifications, and feedback from previous employers.

The right match

You’ll only see the teachers that match your specific requirements. Helping you choose the teacher who is best for your school rather than the best candidate for your vacancy.

Insights and support

Abjad will enable you to coordinate and manage your existing supply teachers. It will also help school leaders to identify and understand their school’s key recruitment patterns.

Simple steps

All you need to do is complete your school profile, upload jobs as required and Abjad will handle the rest of the application and recruitment process.

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We are very passionate about supporting our schools, and that is why we are offering a very reasonable subscription with the first month free trial.

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